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Want to test new products at a low flexible packaging cost while with no comprising on packaging graphic quality? Digital printing on flexible packaging makes it possible for your brand. Digital Printing is the latest technological advancement in the manufacture of flexible film based packaging. With the impeccable color accuracy and sophistication of modern presses, digital printing is specifically optimized for low volume runs and produces very high quality, full-color prints that rival conventional rotogravure printing techniques. 
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There are two significant advantages you need to know about digital printing:

  1. Digital Printing requires NO PLATEand NO CYLINDER FEES

With digital printing, there are never any plates to create or set up. This means you can test as many as possible new products at lowest packaging cost and change your packaging ideas on the fly. This allows you to respond to market demand in real time.

  1. Shortest Leadtime and Lowest Order Quantity

Since there is no plate to create, this means once the digital file is sent over, your project is ready to print in minutes instead of the days or weeks it would take to create the plates for each package design. And digital printing allows us to produce fully pre-formed pouches in quantities as few as 1000 pouches – which can be split into multiple SKUs! Most pouches ship out within 2 weeks of order placement and shipping time is significantly decreased, So with digital printing, short and medium runs are possible, and you can print to demand and avoid having excessive inventory. This allows you to keep more cash in your business while decreasing the risk of obsolescence and excess inventory, both of which can cost you more than you may realize.

By choosing digital printing manufacturer for your flexible packaging, you will benefit from different advantages, especially when compared to traditional print. Contact with our sales representative about your digital print demand and let’s talk more.

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