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Spout Pouch

The spout pouch is a versatile and lightweight packaging solution that has gained significant popularity in the flexible packaging industry. It offers a convenient and user-friendly alternative to rigid containers for liquids, semi-liquids, and powdered products.

Composed of multiple layers of laminated plastic film, the spout pouch ensures a strong and airtight seal, preventing leakage and maintaining product freshness. It is widely used for packaging liquid food, beverages, household items, and liquid chemicals.

At Lanker Pack, we have over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing spout pouches. Our custom spouts are highly regarded in the market for their leak-proof design and exceptional stability, making them ideal for a wide range of liquid products.
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  • Custom clear window
  • Handles
  • Reclosable spout & cap in different colors and sizes
  • Matte/gloss printing
  • Multi-layer plastics, mono-recyclable material, and post-consumer recycled materials
  • Different material barrier options

Applications of Spout Pouch

Lanker Pack's spout pouches are perfect for packaging liquids and powders. Our versatile spout pouches have found extensive use in markets such as baby food, wine, juice, beverages, sauces, detergents, oils, and more.
spout pouchspout pouch

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