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We offer a wide range of kraft paper pouches in various formats, sizes, shapes, and materials. These packages are designed to keep the contents moisture-free, typically achieved through lamination with aluminum foil or a transparent high barrier film on the inside. Optionally, a rectangular or custom window can be included, allowing your customers to get a glimpse of your product. The built-in zip closure enables convenient portion removal for your customers. Tear notches on both sides facilitate easy opening of the bag. Rest assured, our doypacks are tasteless, odorless, and food-safe.
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1. Printable from one color to 10 colors
2. Optional rectangular window or custom-shape window
3. Resealable zipper
4. Round corner, tear notch and hand hole
5. K-seal bottom or round bottom
6. Varying material barrier composition

Paper Pouch Collections

Discover a wide range of customizable paper pouches at Lanker Pack. Whether for promotions, trade shows, events, or retail, our plain or printed pouches are tailored to your specific needs. Create a lasting impression with high-quality, personalized paper pouches that showcase your brand effectively.
kraft paper bagkraft paper bagkraft paper bag

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