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We offer kraft paper pouches in varying formats, shape, size and material. To keep the contents of the package moisture-free, these packages are generally laminated with aluminum foil or transparent high barrier film on the inside. A rectangular window or a custom window is optional, through the window, your customer gets the opportunity to get a first impression of your product. The built-in zip closure ensures that your customers can remove the product in portions. The tear notches on both sides make it much easier for your customer to open the bag for the first time. The pre-opened zip closure makes the filling process easier. The bag can be sealed with a commercially available sealing device. Our doypacks are tasteless and odorless and food-safe
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1.Printable from one color to 10 colors
2.Optional rectangular window or custom-shape window
3.Resealable zipper
4.Round corner, tear notch and hand hole
5.K-seal bottom or round bottom
6.Varying material composition

Paper Pouch Collections

Lanker Pack has thousands of paper pouches for your specific needs. Paper pouches are plain or printed for promotions, trade shows, conventions, holidays, promotions, events, retail, and any needs. We can customize the paper pouches for your specific needs.

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