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Quad seal pouchs usually use a whole film is divided into two halves of relative packaging, belongs to the first overall heat sealing bag-making after the single bag cutting way, production only need to control an edge alignment to obtain a better packaging effect, and therefore has a very high package material / equipment adaptability and packaging operation stability, this is very important, due to Quad seal pouchs machine speed is usually slower than the cartoning machine, the common mode for multiple four-side-sealed bag machine. At the same time, because each side is evenly heat sealed, the bagged products are better sealed.
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Quad Seal Pouch

Unique four side seal pouch design, can effectively prevent bursting new printing process, highlighting the pattern design and trademark effect, can design special trademark or pattern, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

Puncture resistance, anti-oxidation, especially anti-static effectively protect the product from external environmental factors and damage to extend the shelf life.
Quad Seal Coffee Bag, Matt or Varnish Printing
Side Gusset Pouches For Pet Food from 1kg to 25kg
Kraft Paper Side Gusset Bags For Food Grade Packaging
Side Gusset Bags For Tea
Quad Seal Pouch For Pet Food
Quad Seal Pouch For Dog Food

Customized Quad Seal Pouch

If you're looking to customize your quad bags to your exact specifications, then you're in luck! Lanker Pack Company can help you with more than just all your customization needs.
Tear Notch
Laser Score Line
One Way Degassing Valve
Clear Window
Logo & Printing
Clear Window
Bag Shape
Lifetime AccessHoles 

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