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Paper Pouch Wholesaler

We produce paper pouchs made of Kraft or PLA paper. These types of paper are more durable than regular paper and are 100% compostable. So you can rely on our paper pouchs to provide a reliable protective barrier to keep your products fresh. For aesthetic value, we offer a full range of printing services in-house. Our gravure printing presses provide colorful, vivid graphics to make your pouches more attractive and stylish.
Our Capability
Our production facility can mass produce paper pouchs. We comply with international packaging standards and our products are certified by regulatory bodies such as FDA, BRC and ISO.

Why kraft paper pouch?

What makes paper pouch popular.
Advantages of paper pouchs
Paper pouch is a convenient sealed bag, thin and versatile, it is the bag that can carry your personal belongings, such as wallet, cosmetics, and cell phone. You can use paper pouch as a bag, gift box, gift box, tissue box or others.With the characteristic of being very ecological, although paper bag is a little thick, but its strength is very good.
Main Advantages:
Resealable Paper Pouches
Printed Paper Pouches
Kraft Pouches With Window
Custom Paper Pouches
Resealable Paper Pouches
Our resealable paper pouches are fitted with easy-to-use ziplocks. They make it easy for consumers to enjoy your product and preserve what remains for later. This greatly improves the consumer experience.
Printed Paper Pouches
We understand the importance of branding in product marketing. Our printed paper pouches are designed with high-quality graphics of your brand name or logo to give your products a distinct identity.
Kraft Pouches With Window
In plain view, Kraft stand-up pockets with an unmistakable window are put in an upright situation. This gives customers a clear way to view your products and tempts them to buy.
Custom Paper Pouches
Our plan get-together will work with you to form a custom paper pocket plan that suits your bundling necessities. We have a low MOQ and permit you to pick the size, extra things, colors, and shape, among other things.

Customize your paper pouch today!

Are you looking for a unique paper bag that will give your product and brand an edge over the competition? You have come to the right place! We will work with you to design a custom paper bag that meets your packaging and appearance requirements. Our minimum order quantities allow you to choose size, closure fittings, color, shape, and other design specifications.
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Paper Pouch Collections

Lanker Pack has thousands of paper pouches for your specific needs. Paper pouches are plain or printed for promotions, trade shows, conventions, holidays, promotions, events, retail, and any needs. We can customize the paper pouches for your specific needs.

Why choose Lanker flexible packaging company?

Lanker Pack offers adaptable bundling arrangements that are easy to use, conservative, and lightweight. They require little extra room and significantly ease dissemination cycles and expenses.
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Product Quality
Lanker Pack maintains high-assembling guidelines to guarantee we convey premium-quality paper pockets to our clients. Also, every pocket goes through thorough quality testing after creation.
We have over 10 years of expertise and involvement with the adaptable bundling industry. Trust us to furnish you with the right bundling arrangements.
Factory Pricing
We expect to keep our items reasonable and available to every one of our clients. To this end, we offer to manufacture paper pockets at plant rate for each mass request of paper pockets.
Flexible Packaging Solution
Lanker Pack offers adaptable bundling arrangements that are easy to use, conservative, and lightweight. They require little extra room and significantly ease dissemination cycles and expenses.

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