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A common feature of stand-up pouch is that there is an inwardly folded bottom strip at the bottom of the bag. Before filling, the bottom strip is embedded between the upper and lower layers of material. After filling, the bottom will be opened by the contents, and after the bottom of the bag is stretched , the bag can stand upright by placing it vertically, which has a very good display effect. The production process of stand-up pouchs, especially those with straws, is slightly different from other flexible packaging materials.
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Stand Up Pouch

The stand-up pouch is a very common packaging bag shape in the current flexible packaging market. In addition to the regular rectangular bag shape, there are also irregular special-shaped bags. There are plastic straws welded on the top, plastic zippers on the top, and those that can be directly heat-sealed.
Flexible Stand Up Pet Food Bag with Ziplock And Window
Metalized Stand Up Ziplock Bag of Coffee and Chocolate
Stand Up Zipper Bags For Industry Application
Stand Up Retort Pouch | Sauce Food Packaging
Kraft Paper Stand Up Ziplock Pouches of Nuts Packaging
Powdered Sugar Doy Pack, Ziploc Doypack

Customized Stand Up Pouch

At Lanker Pack, you can customize your unique stand up pouchs to your exact requirements. Our technicians have the necessary skills and experience to design stand up pouchs to your exact specifications. We can customize:
Tear Notch
Laser Score Line
One Way Degassing Valve
Clear Window
Logo & Printing
Clear Window
Bag Shape
One Way Degassing Valve

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