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Lanker is an experienced designer, engineer and manufacturer of flexible packaging and boxes for displaying, filling, and shipping your products.
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Paper Pouch
We produce paper pouchs made of Kraft or PLA paper. These types of paper are more durable than regular paper and are 100% compostable....
Three-side Seal Pouch
Three-side sealing bags are the most common way of bag making. The airtightness of the three-side sealing bag is the best, and this method o...
Bag in Box
Bag-in-box packaging is widely used in liquid transportation, such as our common wines, edible oils, sauces, juice drinks, etc., it can keep...
Quad Seal Pouch
Quad seal pouchs usually use a whole film is divided into two halves of relative packaging, belongs to the first overall heat sealing bag-ma...
Flat Bottom Pouch
Flat-bottomed pouches stand upright, enhancing brand presentation and making shelves more aesthetically pleasing. ...
Retort Pouch
The retort pouch is a composite plastic film bag that can be heat-treated. It has the advantages of both canned containers and boiling water...
Stand Up Pouch
A common feature of stand-up pouch is that there is an inwardly folded bottom strip at the bottom of the bag. Before filling, the bottom str...
Spout Pouch
The spout pouch occupies an important place in the packaging of liquid and powder products due to its light weight and ease of use. ...

One-Stop Flexible Packaging Company

Our cutting-edge factories are fully furnished with cutting-edge equipment, allowing us to efficiently fulfil large requests. We create and manufacture a wide variety of flexible pouches for both food and non-food items. There are other types as well, such as stand-up pouches, spout pouches, and flat bottom pouches. Additionally, we provide custom pouch designs.
Food Packaging
Food packaging needs to ensure that the food is enclosed to protect it from tampering or contamination of physical, chemical and biological sources.
Liquid Packaging
Our liquid packaging solutions necessitate that liquids are effectively packed, stored, transported, exhibited, purchased, used, and discarded while maintaining product quality.
Non-food Packaging
Lanker provides premium flexible non-food packaging to preserve product ingredients and enhance the customer experience with convenient dispensing capabilities.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Utilizing recyclable or compostable materials in the manufacture of packaging is referred to as sustainable packaging. It lessens the exploitation of raw materials and aids in reducing pollution from the trash.

At Lanker Pack, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We design and produce environmentally friendly pouch packaging utilizing materials that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They are sustainable, extremely efficient, and environmentally friendly.
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Flexible Pouch Solution

Because it is flexible and leak-proof, custom flexible liquid packaging is very useful for consumers because it makes storing items simply. Detergents, cosmetics, and auto care products are also kept in top condition for extended shelf life.
Flexible food pouches with high barriers shield food from impurities like bacteria and aeration, which hasten perishability. In addition, they keep the flavor of the food till consumers may enjoy it by maintaining ideal conditions. The temperature resistance and non-reactivity are two further advantages of pouches.
Coffee Packaging
Supplement Packaging
Snack Food Packaging
Bakery Packaging
Pet Food Packaging
Baby Food Packaging
Organic Food Packaging
The Change Agent Fan
Candy Packaging
And Many More...

Flexible Packaging Custom Services

We offer a wide range of custom printed pouches. You can choose from a variety of designs, sizes, and materials to create an item that perfectly matches your brand.
Pouch Types
Spout pouches, stand-up pouches, and other pouch varieties seek to match your actual demands. We'll advise you to choose the best option.
Flexible packaging materials
By choosing the best raw materials from a variety of films and laminating them, we offer a particular compounding solution.
Printing & Decoration
In order to provide your items brand value, advanced printing technology is useful in offering a number of decorative solutions.
Functional Features
We offer a range of custom handles, spouts, zippers, and other packaging accessories to suit your needs.
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A little about us

Based in Guangdong Province, China, Lanker Pack (a member of Lanker group) is a private packaging manufacturer with passion and pride in supplying satisfactory packaging materials and solutions to packaging distributors, manufacturers, supermarkets, co-packers, brand owners, etc.
Using state-of-the-art equipment, we create a wide range of pre-made pouches such as flat bottom pouch, side gusset pouch, spout pouch, stand up pouch, retort pouch, 3 side seal pouch, shaped pouch, Bag in Box, VFFS film, lidding film, etc.
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As a leading flexible packaging supplier, our advantages include:
Consistent High Quality
We are BRC and ISO22000 certified packaging manufacturer.
Technical Solution
Our professional team could recommend right material for your specific application.
Prompt Customer Service
We have more 10 years experience in international business and could handle your inquires properly and promptly.
Competitive Price
We are a packaging manufacturer and could supply you products with original source and competitive prices.
Fast Leadtime
We have enough capacity for your orders and could finish your order with shortest lead time.

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