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Why sustainability packaging

Today, sustainability is a central issue in every society. The average consumer today is more aware of the environmental impact of their product choices than they were five years ago. This change is real and obvious and can no longer be ignored. With increased awareness of sustainability and its importance and the rise of environmental regulations, sustainable packaging is now more of a customer concern than ever.
What We Do
Lanker Pack offer a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions designed to perfectly preserve your products and appeal to your customers.
100% Recyclable Packaging
Lanker Pack committed to developing and producing reliable eco-friendly packaging solutions, 100% Recyclable Packaging is one of is our innovation in protecting the environment. If you are looking for sustainable packaging solution, just contact us, we will help you to developing and producing reliable eco-friendly packaging.
Compostable Flexible Packaging
Compostable flexible packaging has emerged as a technological innovation as a potential solution to reduce the use of fossil resources in plastic food packaging and food service utensils while reducing plastic pollution. Bio-based means the plastic is wholly or partly derived from biomass, and biodegradable means it breaks down into natural elements such as water, carbon dioxide and compost.

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