How Do We Control Our Quality?

1. We demand quality raw materials

We understand that the safe packaging product can only be made from resin of the highest quality. Lanker’s maintains a policy of the strictest quality control with regard to all our raw material, from monolayer film to auxiliary, including PET, NY, PE, ink, adhesive, etc.

2. We demand strict procedure

Strict procedure while processing products can produce quality of the highest degree. Rigorous supervision at every step of the procedure ensures  and hygiene. Our quality control includes:

  • The best and FDA approved material are used.

  • The strict residual solvent and bacteria control throughout the entire production process.

  • The overall physical property test will be conducted in the each process of the entire production.

  • Effective Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in place and all workers are well-trained.

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