Modified atmospheric packaging (“MAP”) helps to slow the spoilage of food and to keep food attractive and edible for as long as possible. Thermoforming film is the ideal packaging material for your MAP application, offering a high barrier and large forming depth of up to 95 mm. Size Range: Customized Material Structure: APET/PE, APET/PEELABLE PE, APET/EVOH-PE, [...]


Peelable anti-fog lidding film peels easily from the package contents, making it the ideal lidding solution for meats and ready-meal packages. The unique properties of the film increase product safety, extend shelf life and maximize consumer convenience. Size Range: Width: <1300mm, Length : umlimited Material Structure: PET/MPET/Peelable PE, PET/Peelable PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to [...]


This therm-forming barrier film has excellent therm-forming properties and a high puncture resistance. It also retains its engineered properties, even during the process of freezing the product. Size Range: Length:>60mm, Width: 80-600mm Material Structure: PET/PE, PET/Peelable, KPET/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 2kg Printing Effect: Glossy or Matt, Gravure Printing from 1 to 10 Colors Material [...]


The peelable “top films” makes an ideal “top web” for any therm-forming application. Lanker's top film is both “easy-peel” and anti-fogging, so it’s the right choice for MAP packaging for sealing almost any material. Size Range: Length: unlimited, Width: <1200mm Material Structure: APET/PEELABLE PE Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 1KG Printing Effect: printed with 1-10 colors or [...]


Roll stock film is used throughout many industries to form stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags, flat pouches, and other form-fill-seal applications. Rollstock can reduce the cost of the flexible packaging by 25% or more. Size Range: Length:unlimited, Width: <1300mm Material Structure: PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP/CPP, etc Recommend Packed Volume:  unlimited Printing Effect: Glossy or Matt, Gravure [...]