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Flat Bottom Paper Pouch | Paper Pouch With Resealable Tin-tie

Flat bottom paper pouch offers the flat stable base by its box bottom, allowing it to stand upright on the shelf. This ensures that your product will display in the store and in home as your intended.
This paper pouch has the feature options including resealable tin-tie, clear window, etc. It would be the popular packaging on life like packaging fruits or bread.

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Size Range: Customized

Material Structure: kraft paper/kraft paper+cpp.

Recommend Packed Volume:  50ml to 5L

Printing Effect: flexo printing from 1 to 6 Colors

Material Thickness: Kraft paper 50gsm-150gsm

Production Time: About 25 Days After Confirmation of Order

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Excellent barrier protection against moisture, UV and oxygen.
  • Light weight
  • Resealable tin-tie
  • Stand stable
  • Shelf Presence
  • End-user friendly
  • Many customized design options
  • Round Corner
  • Resealable tin-tie
  • Clear window
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