Most Ideally Suited Coffee Packaging For Roasters


Over the years, roasters have had painfully few coffee packaging options – paper sacks and metal cans have been the norm for decades. But recent innovations in the packaging industry have seen the emergence of a new method – one that happens to be ideally suited for roasters: coffee packaging bags.


The Problem With Traditional Coffee Packaging Methods

While metal cans and paper bags were once the most common packaging methods for coffee, neither offered any real benefit. With no means by which air could escape, metal cans prevented the coffee from breathing and de-gassing. Metal cans prevented any exposure, whereas paper bags caused too much. Permeable to oxygen and light, paper bags eliminated the possibility of extending the product’s shelf life.


The Solution: Coffee Packaging Bags

Now coffee roasters have various options available to them. First, coffee packaging bags are made from high-barrier laminates that are impermeable to oxygen and light. Second, they can be equipped with de-gassing valves that release excess carbon dioxide without allowing any additional oxygen into the package.


More Benefits

Coffee packaging bags are also more convenient for consumers. Because the bags/pouches can be equipped with zippers or tin-tie, shoppers can feel confident that.


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