Food packaging bags mainly refer to film containers that are directly in contact with food and are used to hold and protect food. They are usually two or more layers of composite packaging bags.

The packaging separates food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc. Leakage is also a necessary factor in packaging design. Some packages include desiccants or deoxidizers to extend shelf life. Vacuum packaging or evacuating the air in the bag is also the main food packaging method. Keeping the food clean, fresh and safe during the shelf life is the primary function of the package. Lanker Pack has been accumulated rich experience–from raw material development right through to production and quality control.


What qualities should a good food packaging bags have?

food packaging bags

  1. Food packaging materials must first have good chemical stability and should not undergo any chemical reaction with the food.
  2. to have a higher temperature resistance, to meet the requirements of some food needs cooking, high temperature sterilization.
  3. food packaging materials must have appropriate barrier properties, such as dry foods require high moisture resistance, oil and fat foods require high oxygen barrier and high oil resistance, aromatic foods require high resistance to odor, while fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods The package is required to have a certain permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.
  4. food packaging materials should have good mechanical properties, including the material’s tensile strength, tear resistance, impact strength and so on.
  5. the food packaging bags sold by the manufacturer must have the same strict internal inspection, the low materials used must be environmentally safe, to ensure that the product will not bring any adverse effects on the food.


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