Develop a good quality awareness, not only can improve the quality of products, but also improve our production efficiency, reduce product costs, improve product direct rate, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, why do you say so?



The customer gave us the next order of 10,000 bags. Let’s analyze the impact of quality and quality.

The first situation: our production is very smooth, strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, until the packaging and shipping, can be completed in about 25-30 days;

The second case: If one or two of our processes have abnormal quality, then we need a certain amount of time to deal with, which invisibly affects our production efficiency. And affect the overall quality level of the company’s products; if the quality of the customer, due to quality problems, invisible loss of the company’s credibility.

The third situation: If our employees do not find the quality of the product, this problem flows to the customer, this situation not only affects the company’s reputation, but also affects the customer’s satisfaction with the company. More serious will affect the company’s order volume, reducing the income of the company and most people.


Before we discussed How Good Production Quality Can Improve The Competitiveness Of Enterprises, then how do we establish a good quality awareness?

Lanker Pack has been existing secure and reliable packaging materials for food and non-food industries since 2004. We have been accumulated rich experience–from raw material development right through to production and quality control, we guarantee perfection in every product. What to pay attention to when developing a good quality awareness:quality awareness

  1. Do not step on / step on the product (raw material / semi-finished / finished product)
  2. Do not sit on the product (raw material / semi-finished / finished product)
  3. Don’t throw products
  4. Do not put the product directly on the ground
  5. Work in accordance with the operation specifications
  6. Don’t have no first job
  7. Don’t mess with products
  8. Do not block the product channel
  9. Do not take the disease with the machine
  10. Don’t take products privately

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