3 side seal pouches make the perfect solution for efficient and economical industrial packaging. The simplicity of our printable 3 side seal plastic bags requires minimal effort to package and seal these bags, which saves you time and money. Size Range: Length:>100mm-1m, Width: 80-600mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/NY/PE, NY/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 20kg Printing [...]


Printed 3 Side Seal Rice Pouch With Window and Handle Lanker’s printed 3 side seal rice pouch is our standard 3 side seal laminated with NY and PET materials. These materials add the ultimate in puncture resistance and barrier protection against moisture. A value-added handle provides another unique design feature to distinguish your products [...]


Because our laminated flat pouch is sealed on its 2 vertical sides as well as the pouch crown, it holds a higher volume than 4-side sealed pouches with the same pouch format. Its simplified manufacturing process makes this 3-side sealed pouch/flat pouch the most economical, high-quality packaging solution for a wide range of products, from [...]


Slider Zipper Bags, Slider Ziplock Pet Food Bags, Bag With Slider Slider zippers provide an efficient, easy to use and reliable means to open and close the bag. Slider zipper bags offer the ideal solution for pet food and large volume packaging. Size Range: Length<950mm, Width<1040mm, Gusset: 80-160mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/NY/PE, Matt BOPP/AL/PE, etc. Recommend Packed [...]


Vacuum flat bags are the perfect solution for packaging frozen and chilled foods. Their optional transparent window lets customers view and appreciate the quality of your products. Size Range: Width is 80-600mm, Length: >60mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PE, Matt BOPP/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 500g Printing Effect: Glossy or Matt, Gravure Printing from 1 to [...]


Spouted drink bags offer a great way to package your products such as wine, juice and other beverages. Spouted drink bags are safe, lightweight, virtually unbreakable and easy to carry. Size Range: Width: <370mm, Length<600mm, Gusset: 20-100mm Material Structure: PET/AL/NY/PE, PET/NY/PE, NY/NY/PE, ETC. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 5kg Printing Effect: Glossy or Matt, Gravure Printing [...]


Flat Bottom Pouch For Coffee Packaging The side gusset features of flat bottom pouch lets retailers arrange your product either vertically or horizontally, giving them more options to display your products favorably on the shelf. Lanker’s unique valve design keeps your products fresher and ensures a longer shelf life. Size Range: Length : no limit. [...]


This therm-forming barrier film has excellent therm-forming properties and a high puncture resistance. It also retains its engineered properties, even during the process of freezing the product. Size Range: Length:>60mm, Width: 80-600mm Material Structure: PET/PE, PET/Peelable, KPET/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 2kg Printing Effect: Glossy or Matt, Gravure Printing from 1 to 10 Colors Material [...]


The peelable “top films” makes an ideal “top web” for any therm-forming application. Lanker's top film is both “easy-peel” and anti-fogging, so it’s the right choice for MAP packaging for sealing almost any material. Size Range: Length: unlimited, Width: <1200mm Material Structure: APET/PEELABLE PE Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 1KG Printing Effect: printed with 1-10 colors or [...]


This stand up spouted pouch type represents an especially practical and flexible packaging as, in addition to simple usage and the achievement of the required portions, the integrated pouring and closure system also enables the safe resealing of the pouch. This user-friendly design has led to an increase in the popularity of this pouch type [...]


This stand up pet food bag makes an economical packaging solution for pet food. Its optional zipper keeps the contents fresh and its clear window is the perfect way to showcase your products. Size Range: Width<370mm, Length<580mm, Gusset: 20-100mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/PE, PET/NY/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 20kg Printing Effect: Glossy or Matt, Gravure Printing [...]