Peelable anti-fog lidding film peels easily from the package contents, making it the ideal lidding solution for meats and ready-meal packages. The unique properties of the film increase product safety, extend shelf life and maximize consumer convenience. Size Range: Width: <1300mm, Length : umlimited Material Structure: PET/MPET/Peelable PE, PET/Peelable PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to [...]


Bag in Box | Wine Packaging | Juice Packaging | Water Packaging Bag in box (BIB) is a single-use packaging solution designed for liquid, semi-liquid food and non-food products. Ranging from 1.5 to 25 liters, Bag in box packaging extends the shelf life of contents both before and after the pack is opened. Lanker supplies bag [...]


The stand up wine pouches are an innovative products for wine, beverage and cocktail products. The vitop could be positioned on the outside of the bag. With the foil high barrier material, the stand up wine pouches will bring freshness and convenience to your life. Size Range: customized. Material Structure: PET/NY/PE, PET/AL/NY/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 5L [...]


Lanker's white kraft paper coffee bag with front zipper is laminated with white kraft paper, metalized PET and PE materials, with super moisture resistance and display effect. Furthermore, the front zipper gives another advantages for easy filling. Size Range: Length : 580mm, Width < 350mm, Side Gusset: 50-180mm Material Structure: White kraft paper /MPET/PE, PET/Kraft [...]


Lanker pack is the most professional retort pouches supplier. We supply retort pouches for traditional applications and also for the microwave application. We use high barrier but clear material for the microwave application, with or without self-breathing feature, with or without easy-to-pour spout. Food packed by lanker's retort pouch, consumers can eat an on-the-go meal [...]


Large side gusset pouches for pet food are the perfect packaging solution for pet food. Laminated with barrier or non-barrier materials, they hold from 1 kg to 25 kg. This pouch offers the ideal packaging solution for your pet food products. Size Range: Width: 80-300mm, Length: 150-630mm, Gusset: 50-150mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/PE, PET/NY/PE, etc. Recommend [...]


Our kraft paper side gusset bags are laminated with kraft paper and plastic film, giving the package a “green”, and “natural” feeling, while protecting the products inside and ensuring a longer shelf life. Size Range: Width<1180mm, Length: no limit, Gusset: 50-250mm Material Structure: BOPP/Kraft Paper/PE, PET/Kraft Paper/PE, etc Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 5kg Printing Effect: [...]


Side Gusset Bags For Tea Traditionally used for tea, this side gusset bags are growing in popularity in the tea industry. Its side-gusset feature lets retailers display your package vertically or horizontally, expanding their options for shelf display. Foil material extends product shelf life and prevents the loss of tea fragrance. Size Range: Length: no [...]


Our flat bottom coffee pouches offer a great improvement over the traditional, flat pouch. Its display features a beautiful coffee cup and coffee bean pattern. Its built-in degassing valve gives your product a unique advantage. Size Range: Width: 80-300mm, Length: 150-600mm, Gusset: 50-150mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/PE, Matt BOPP/AL/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to 5kg Printing Effect: [...]


The block bottom zipper pouch gives you another innovative way to package pet food products. With a variety of foil or clear material constructions and valve locations, the Lanker flat bottom pouch ensures that your products stay fresh, with barrier protection against both moisture and oxygen. Size Range: Width:80-300mm, Length:150-600mm, Gusset:50-150mm Material Structure: PET/MPET/PE, PET/PE, Matt BOPP/AL/PE, [...]


Food Packaging 3 Side Seal Printed Bags Its simplified manufacturing process makes this 3-side sealed pouch/flat pouch the most economical, high-quality packaging solution for a wide range of products, from powders to granulate and chunky products, and even liquids. Size Range: Length:>60mm, Width: 80-600mm Material Structure: PET/NY/PE, PET/PE, Matt BOPP/PE, etc. Recommend Packed Volume:  50g to [...]