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It is said that international food packaging experts predict the future of food packaging. Experts agree that the mainstream trend of food packaging bags in the future must be more functional, environmentally friendly and simple.

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Experts are also concerned about the following food packaging bags:

  1. Non-toxic packaging materials are closer to safety,
  2. Printing inks, additives and adhesives for food packaging bags also pay more attention to safety and environmental protection;
  3. Composite film packaging bags made of packaging materials such as aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., will also show high-performance and multifunctionality;
  4. The acceleration of the pace of social life will make the fast-food packaging bags face greater development opportunities;
  5. Aseptic packaging bags will use high technology and new materials, and the preservation function will become the focus of food packaging technology development;
  6. Convenience will become the development trend of food packaging bags, small food packaging bags will occupy the market, and plastic packaging bags will also replace glass products;
  7. The application of petrochemical products will also produce auxiliary materials for new packaging materials;
  8. In the future, the design of packaging bags will use more computer technology to achieve it. At the same time, more attention will be paid to the rationalization of packaging bag design and the lightweight of packaging bags;
  9. Market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Only by improving the performance and function of packaging material, creating packaging bags with personalized characteristics and market selling points, reducing the amount of packaging material and reducing the cost of packaging bags, can food packaging bag companies win in the future.


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