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Many customers are very confused, and they do n’t know about food packaging bags. How to check the food packaging bags made by the manufacturer? There are many aspects to judging whether a food packaging bag is qualified or not, and according to the contents of the food packaging bag, its determination criteria are different. However, there are still a few places that require special attention. The packaging products produced are very unqualified.

Below we introduce several inspection methods to verify the compliance of your food packaging bag


  1. The tightness of food packaging bags should be high.air tightness test

If there is a leak, it will affect the quality of the food inside. To determine whether the food packaging is leaking, it is very simple. Randomly take a food packaging bag and add water inside, check for leaks. If there is a leak, water will leak out. If there is no leak, water will not leak out. You can also judge by filling the food packaging bag with gas. Any leaked food packaging bag gas will make a leaking sound after entering. This is very easy to distinguish. The tightness of the packaging bag is only very much used in the food industry, and it is also a very important aspect. Lanker Pack bags will be sampled after production is completed. One of the samples is the airtightness test.


  1. The thickness of food packaging bags is also a criterion for discrimination.drop test

Food packaging bags are all molded at one time. Its thickness should be said to be the same size. If the situation of thin and thick sides indicates that the discharge port is blocked, then the discharge port should be unblocked immediately, otherwise, This situation will occur in batches of food packaging. In this situation, when packing articles with corners and corners, it is easy to break the thinner side, but the thick side does not have much influence. Lanker Pack bags will be sampled to test the drop of the bags after production is completed.


  1. In addition to the rigid quality requirements, various information on the food packaging bag must be complete.

Food packaging bags must have anti-counterfeiting marks and the date of entering the factory, and there must be many clarifications and introductions, especially the clarification of the items must be completed. To standardize the planning of food packaging bags, do not present some words and pictures that mislead consumers, otherwise, the company may be punished due to fraud.


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