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In flexible packaging, there are many types of zippers for sealing. The following is an inventory of various types of flexible packaging closure zippers for reference.


  1. Standard zipper (PTC): 

Standard zipperstand up pouch with zipper

Can be used in the following bag types: three-side seal, stand-up pouch, flat bottom pouch, organ bag

Advantages: low price and wide applicability

Disadvantages: If it is a powdery food, it is easy to close the gap in the zipper gap.


kraft paper pouch

  1. Pocket zipper: It can be applied to the film on the film in advance. It is an innovative way to re-seal flexible packaging, which greatly improves production efficiency. And for the designer to provide more creative space in the design of the bag. Part of the bag is opened and re-sealed without damaging the integrity of the bag.

Commonly used in coffee bags

Advantages: easy to fill, easy to open

Disadvantages: The price is relatively high compared to the ordinary zipper.




Velcro zip lock

  1. Velcro zipper:


Suitable for dry food packaging that does not require high air tightness

Advantages: The zipper is wide at the closure and has a sound when closed, which is better experience for customers.

Disadvantages: low air tightness.





  1. Slider zipper:

Commonly used for 10kg zipper bag

Advantages: Solve the problem that the zipper cannot be installed when the machine is running.

Disadvantages: expensivepocket zipper


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