If Doesn’t Reach These 5 Indicators, Your Liquid Flexible Packaging Will Be Useless

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In the production, the analysis of the detection index of flexible packaging is essential to adjust the production process and improve the quality of the product. Through continuous testing, we can master various production parameters to guide the production of liquid packaging. Lanker Pack has accumulated a wealth of experience – from raw material development to production and quality control, we guarantee that every flexible package is perfect.

So, which five indicators do we use to determine the quality of liquid flexible packaging?

1. Test of composite strength of liquid flexible packaging materials

Liquid flexible packaging on the market, such as dairy aseptic pillows, aseptic bricks are mostly composite plastic, composite paper. The higher the composite strength of the flexible packaging, the better, the tearing or breaking is ideal, and the high viscosity and value can prevent the composite layer from detaching. After the composite material is processed into a bag, it is exposed to harsh environments or affected by moisture and chemical components, and the composite layer is likely to cause damage.

The use of high viscosity adhesives will undoubtedly achieve high quality compounding, but production costs will increase. It can not only achieve the required compounding, but also save costs. This requires the detection and analysis of the quality of the composite layer in order to find the appropriate composite technical factors. At present, both domestic and imported tensile machines can be used for peeling tests, but they are all general-purpose, simple force calculations.

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2. Test of friction coefficient of liquid flexible packaging materials

For roll film packaging, the coefficient of friction of the film directly affects the speed of the automatic packaging machine. For the manufacturer of the packaging material, the friction coefficient is controlled by testing the type and content of the opening agent and the slip agent in the resin. For the use of packaging materials manufacturers can effectively control the quality of raw materials.

3. Test of heat seal strength of liquid flexible packaging seal

Heat sealing strength is an important performance index for packaging materials. For any kind of flexible packaging materials, packaging bags should be used to package various commodities, and packaging products should be heat sealed to seal the packaging. The seal requires a certain strength to withstand the pressure of the contents with a certain weight to ensure that the goods do not crack during the circulation. The three major factors of heat sealing are heat sealing temperature, pressure and time, depending on the material, different heat sealing factors are required.spout bag

4. Liquid packaging sealing test

The tightness of flexible packaging is also an important performance indicator, especially in the liquid packaging industry. Sealing has a great impact on the quality of the product. Poor sealing is the main cause of leakage and corruption in the future. There are many methods for sealing test. The most common method is to use the sealing tester, using the vacuum principle, and keep it at -30kpa, -50kpa, -70kpa, -90kpa for 0.5 minutes according to national standards. And the leakage of the sample during vacuum maintenance, observe whether there is continuous bubble generation, when the isolated bubble is not considered as leakage. The quality of the package is measured by the measurement of the sealing property, thereby judging the rationality of the sealing process.

5. Other quality testing of liquid packaging

The ultimate goal of liquid packaging is to sell, and the beautifully printed packaging will undoubtedly attract consumers’ attention and expand market share. The density, density difference, color, color difference, and overprint ratio of the flexible package print can be measured by the spectrodensitometer to control the quality of the print.


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