The patterns on the sauce packaging bags are always darkened, faded, and it is easy to combine delamination and packaging to break the bag. How do these problems arise? Today we will talk about how to solve these problems.


Reasons for fading of sauce packaging bags


There are two main reasons for the darkening and fading of the sauce packaging bags: the darkness of the pattern is darkened by the color of the sauce or the printing ink on the packaging mask is eroded by the salt and the spicy substance of the sauce. Fading; secondly, the reason for the delamination of the composite film of the composite package of sauce products is mostly because the inner membrane of the package has poor leakage resistance, and the oil and salt penetrate the inner membrane to erode the adhesive.


Why is it broken? How to avoid breaking the bag?


Most of the plastic and plastic packaging bags for sauces and sauces are coated with sauces and other products, and there is no heat sealing. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the production of plastic composite packaging for sauces and sauces:


  1. Because the color of the sauce packaging can not cover the color of the sauce and sauce, the color of the packaging pattern will be darker. Therefore, when designing the packaging pattern, the color of the contents is estimated, and the background color is deepened or the hiding power is strengthened, and the color of the sauce and the sauce product is not allowed to pass or the background color of the pattern is less transmitted.
  2. The composite inner membrane of the sauce packaging should use a film that is resistant to oil, gas, and salt. Do not use a single-component adhesive that does not cure the gel film to prevent the oil of sauce and sauce. The quality, salt and spicy substances penetrate the inner film and the composite film, so that the ink printed on the packaging mask will not be eroded. Of course, the color of the pattern of the sauce and the sauce package will not be discolored by erosion.
  3. The packaging of sauce products, in addition to the selection of the inner film with strong leakage resistance, should also be compounded with two-component polyurethane adhesive. Appropriately increase the amount of glue and prolong the curing time of the composite film, so that the oil, salt and spicy substances in the sauce products are difficult to penetrate the inner membrane. The cured composite layer is re-adhered or penetrates the film to erode the ink layer. This will greatly reduce the delamination of the composite packaging film caused by the composite adhesive and deinking.
  4. Improve the tools for filling sauce to avoid contamination of the sealing parts of the packaging bags, which can reduce the failure of the heat sealing to the packaging mouth and reduce the damage rate of the packaging bags.


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