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Develop a good production quality awareness, not only can improve the quality of products, but also improve our production efficiency, reduce product costs, improve the straight-through rate of products, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


  1. Is the quality tested? wrong!

Quality is made rather than tested. Inspection is generally a random inspection, and sampling is a certain risk; the product is made by the operators one by one, they not only produce, but also judge each product.


  1. Quality is a very abstract thing that requires a high level of knowledge to master. wrong!

Quality can be seen anywhere, such as quality of life (eat, wear, live, use), work quality (effect, speed, method), product quality (size, performance, appearance). They can be described as (good, poor; qualified, unqualified, etc.). As far as the product is concerned, for the field operator, the product size and performance may not be well mastered and controlled, and special inspection is required to adopt some detection means for control. However, the quality of the appearance is intuitive, shallow and easy to see, and the operator should be able to master and control it. Even if you are a new employee, you will be able to get familiar and understand after a period of time. Every product is made by the operator himself. It can be said that in terms of appearance inspection, the operator has more experience than the inspector and knows much more.

Quality is at our side, in our lives, in our work, and in every thing we do, it is reflected in every product we make.


  1. 99% yield means that the company’s quality level is already high? wrong!

Improving quality objectives or achieving a 100% quality goal is to reduce costs and increase profits. The quality goal pursued by any company should be 100% or zero defect. If we don’t get it, we’re not doing enough, and we’re not doing well. Then we should take measures to improve, work hard to improve, and improve.


  1. This little problem, it doesn’t matter – wrong!

For example, if you make a product, there is a small problem in my last process. It doesn’t matter. It seems to me that there is a small problem. It doesn’t matter. To the next one, there is a little problem. It doesn’t matter. Finally, this product. There are a lot of small problems, so it is no longer a small problem, it becomes a big problem.

The solution to a problem is to find the cause of the problem. The reason for the problem is often many. Because there are many small problems, the solution to the problem must start from the solution of these small problems, one breakthrough, and finally completely solved.


  1. It used to be the same before, it doesn’t matter – wrong!

The products produced by the company are important safety parts that affect people’s lives and property. When you come to the company, you should treat your new job with a new quality attitude. Everyone, everywhere, and always tighten the string of product quality. If you encounter problems at work, don’t treat them with the attitude of the past. Don’t think that the previous company requirements are not so high, so strict, don’t care, it doesn’t matter.

In the work, any problem that can be solved can be improved, and we should all work hard to solve and improve. Instead of being in the status quo, it stops. Even if it used to be the case, it can work. Now that you have found a solution or improvement, you must actively solve or improve it.


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