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From baby food to probiotics, alcohol, soups, seasonings and even automotive products, many of today’s leading manufacturers are using their stand up spout pouch to package their products.

Because the stand up spout pouch has high requirements on the mechanical properties of the material, a multilayer composite film is selected for the material. In addition, there are also more detailed requirements for the bag making process of the upright bag, such as heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure, heat sealing time, heating method and the like.


Making process requirements for stand up spout pouch

1, Heat sealing temperature

The factors to be considered when setting the heat sealing temperature are: the characteristics of the heat sealing material; the second is the thickness of the film; the third is the number of times of heat sealing and the size of the heat sealing area. Under normal circumstances, when the number of hot pressing times in the same part is large, the heat sealing temperature can be appropriately set lower.


2, Hheat sealing pressure

Appropriate pressure must be applied during heat sealing to promote adhesion of the thermal cover material. However, if the pressure is too large, the molten material will be extruded, which not only affects the flatness failure analysis and elimination of the bag, but also affects the heat sealing effect of the bag and reduces the heat seal strength.


3, Heat sealing time

In addition to the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing pressure, the heat sealing time is also related to factors such as the performance of the heat sealing material and the heating method. The specific operation should be adjusted according to different equipment and materials during the actual test.


4, Heating method

The heating method of the heat sealing knife when the bag is heat sealed can be divided into two types: one side heating and two side heating. Obviously, the heating method on both sides is more efficient and practical than the one-sided heating method.


There are many problems in the actual production of the stand up spout pouch, but there are two prominent problems: one is the leakage or leakage when the goods are loaded; the other is the bag type unevenness and the bottom seal asymmetry in the bag making process. Therefore, how to make the choice of materials and adopt the best process operation mode plays a decisive role in the overall quality improvement of the standing bag.


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