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People who’ve never had a dog cannot completely appreciate the love and also devotion that most owners feel toward their canine companions. Treated a lot more like members of the family compared to pets, numerous dogs are the beneficiaries of excellent care where no expense is spared. From food to bedding, from vet care to treats, dogs are pampered.

Pet food package should be distinguishing

Distinguishing your own brand of pet food package in the marketplace is difficult. This is the reason your decision in pet food package is so important. Why? Simply because successfully marketing your brand demands packaging which makes a statement at the point-of-sale, the final opportunity you have to influence the buying decision of  customers.

Pet food package’s best choice is stand up punch

Maybe the best choice for pet food package is the stand up pouch. This barrier bag, constructed by laminating together multiple layers of scientifically-formulated film, will safeguard your dog treat products from vapor, odor, moisture, and pests while it also preserves the shelf life of the contents by sealing in freshness, flavor, and nutritional attributes. A good optional zip lock closure system not only bolsters the capacity of the pouch to perform those two functions but prevents spills as well.

Pet food package should concentrate structure and design

pet food package

Structure and design will be the reasons pet food package in stand up pouches makes such good sense from a marketing standpoint. With wide front and back panels and a stable base, the pouch stands up on the shop shelf and stands out from other pet food package. Pet stores, grocers and other retailers are supplied a second product display option courtesy of the accessible round and sombrero-style hang holes.

You are also offered several marketing opportunities by the design of stand up pouches. The wide front and back panels allow you to avail yourself of anyone or combination of the following: 1) Customized printing (in up to 10 colors); 2) Application of product labels or other stickers; 3) The use of clear and/or translucent film for construction of the pouch barrier. Pet food package using stand up pouches: Outstanding performance, stand out convenience and branding options that stand apart.


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