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Food packaging is the first step to attract customers’ attention. A good product can speak for itself and make people shine. Exquisite packaging can enhance the product’s recognizability and enhance consumers’ desire to buy.


How to make attractive packaging

Making beautiful packaging requires designers to understand the elements of packaging design, master the various techniques, and find the optimal balance between the various elements. If you want to learn more about packaging design, just look down…

food packaging

Functional design: to achieve commodity value and use value, and is a means to increase the value of goods.

Material considerations: Different material packaging can bring different sensory effects to the product.

Information Talk: Some packages require detailed text and graphics to present all the information, and consumers can increase their trust in the product through the message.


The core elements of packaging designfood packaging

Design: The packaging that attracts the customer’s eye, better reflects the presence of the product.

Emotional experience: There are different touches and experiences in all kinds of packaging. From the structure that is seen, to the touch of materials, to the process of disassembling and exposing products, there will be different feelings.

Packaging and perseverance issues: Packaging designers need to think about and examine the world of packaging, making packaging design more sustainable and injecting new possibilities.



Exquisite product packaging

food packagingThe packaging design needs to be featured in the color matching, typesetting and drawing, according to the characteristics of the product. In addition to visual design, you must also understand the packaging structure, handle the details and make accurate knife layouts and structural drawings.

In addition, you need to know the printing knowledge, such as why you want to add bleeding, what kind of problems will occur without bleeding, which are suitable for the process, what kind of process is suitable, how to make these processes, how to do Source File.


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