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Stand up pouches serve several purposes. First, it’s a functional product that protects a variety of tangible goods. These goods can be anything from dog food to plant food and anything in between. Pet stand up pouches protect your pet’s food and maintains freshness, and lawn and garden stand up pouches protect plant seeds until customers can get them into the ground.


But there’s another big benefit to stand up pouches that go beyond protection: the ability to influence consumer behavior.


Stand up pouches spell your products out

We all know that words are extremely powerful—especially in the world of marketing. There’s a fine line between crafting powerful sales copy and keeping your facts straight. Stand up pouches  is a main way to show your products to you customer .

Here are a few tips about stand up pouches to influence consumer behavior without compromising your credibility.Keep your message short and snappy. Chances are that you don’t have a ton of room to write a book on your stand up pouches. Even if you do, writing a book in this situation is not the time or the place. Customers want information that they can quickly consume.

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Make your message easy to understand. In this situation, you want to do your customer’s thinking for them. If they have to think too hard or long about what you’re trying to say, they likely won’t stick around for long.

Highlight what’s important. What is the key message that you are trying to deliver to your consumers of your stand up pouches? It helps to remember your audience while you compose the perfect copy. Are they health enthusiasts? Are they children? When you have a solid grasp of who is buying your product, you can get a better angle for influencing your customers with your protective packaging.

Getting your brand’s message on point is critical for convincing customers to buy. You might not get your message perfect right out of the gate, but get to know your customers on a personal level and integrate their needs into your copy. Once you make that connection with your customers, influencing a purchase becomes much easier.


Stand up pouches with clear windows

When your stand up pouches is sitting on the store shelf, sometimes your customers might have a hard time envision the real thing out of the bag. To get around with consumers who need some extra visual motivation to buy, consider including life like graphics that display your product on your stand up pouches.

One option to demonstrate your product with graphics is to create life size serving sizes right on the package. This is especially helpful to customers who are watching their portion sizes and can get an idea of a serving even before opening the bag.

Clear windows are even better for giving customers a real glimpse of your product. Not only will they get an extremely accurate portrayal of your product, they will be able to see the texture as well. Visual cues can have a heavy influence on consumer behavior. If you are trying to tap into the senses with your stand up pouches, visual elements are key.


stand up pouches should consider color

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that color has a big influence on buyer decisions—whether it’s a conscious decision or not. There’s a whole world (not to mention, a whole wheel) of colors to choose from, and selecting the right color can help grab attention with your stand up pouches.

stand up pouches

Blue is one of the safest colors in sales. It signifies trust and relaxation. Oreo and Chips Ahoy! are two examples of flexible retail packaging that uses the color blue

Black shows power and authority

Red is a stimulating color—it’s believed to generate excitement, but sometimes it can cause alarm

Green symbolizes nature; many companies who produce natural products choose to have some shade of green on their protective packaging

Yellow signifies optimism and clarity

Learning how to influence your customer through stand up pouches is the key to establishing a credible and desirable brand. Striking the right emotions while customers are at the grocery store can make or break your sale. And not to mention, overriding the competition depends on influential stand up pouches and your brand.


If you need extra help determining how to influence your customers through your stand up pouches, work with a supplier whose graphics and marketing department can help you select the right elements to set the tone.


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