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Analysis Of The Development Trend Of Plastic Flexible Packaging

With the adjustment of market products, the development trend of plastic flexible packaging film is very obvious. When talking about the importance of plastic flexible packaging on food packaging, Germany’s “Plastic” magazine pointed out that it has become a part of the culture. In addition to packaging, it can also prevent damage to the packaged goods and reduce the requirements for storage. Providing information to serve customers more effectively, making goods easier to manage and easy to store and transport, can be expressed by the following figures: 30%-50% of food in developing countries is damaged during storage and transportation, while developed in Western Europe The country is currently only 1%-2%. The plastic flexible packaging market has become one of the fastest growing varieties in packaging due to its comprehensive performance and price/performance ratio.

It can be seen that the average annual growth rate of plastic flexible packaging consumption is higher and higher than other packaging methods, not only faster than paper packaging but also higher than plastic rigid packaging. The data provided by the famous American business communication company (BCC) in the special report of “plastic packaging industry in the public” is: the total consumption of the world plastic flexible packaging market reached 6.31 million tons in 2001, and the largest consumption is food packaging. 1.68 million tons.

With the rapid development of the modern food industry, plastic flexible packaging has become the main way of food packaging. As soft packaging gradually becomes the protagonist of food packaging materials, and the society is paying more and more attention to food safety, the hygienic safety of plastic flexible packaging will come. The more it becomes the focus of everyone’s attention. Among them, the health and safety problems of food soft packaging mainly include the toxicity of monomer in the packaging resin, and the residual amount of solvents such as inks, adhesives, and additives have exceeded the standard.

In recent years, China’s flexible packaging enterprises have closely followed the changes in market demand, timely adjusted the product structure, and the resources are tilted toward efficiency, realizing product differentiation and diversification of structure. High value-added products emerge in an endless stream, such as BOPP heat shrinkable film, antistatic film, high-definition film, retort-resistant film, transfer film, high-gloss film, ultra-thin film and synthetic paper, etc., gradually realized industrialization. BOPP heat-resistant film, BOPP on-line coating film, and BOPP film with nanomaterial to make new products such as imitation glass and bulletproof glass have become the new development trend of BOPP film.

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