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About Liquid Spout Pouches Packaging


We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of durable and innovative liquid packaging products, which are designed by the creative designers in accordance with the prevailing trends of the market. Our liquid packaging pouches are fabricated by utilizing superior quality raw materials. We offer liquid spout pouches packaging, which is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and various dimensions. Owing to their features like lightweight, leakage proof, and smooth finish, our liquid pouches are widely applauded by the clients.


We offer an extensive range of liquid packaging solutions including spout pouches, shrink sleeves, stand up spout pouches, printed labels and many others. They are able to offer excellent durability and preserve the liquid products for a longer time because they are manufactured by utilizing different plastic films like LLDPE, BOPP, PPE, MET, PVC, and PE. All the materials are FDA approved so they are food safe. We also include metalized or aluminum foil lamination within our liquid spout pouches so they offer excellent barrier properties, so our liquid packaging does not transfer any odor or taint the product in any way. These pouches are far more flexible packaging than rigid plastic or glass bottles.


Our spout pouches have nozzles and a cap on the top which offers easy to pour and fill application of the liquid products. They are in the form of stand up pouch so as to keep them upright on the shelves and enhance the products. These liquid spout pouches are useful for packaging a wide variety of liquid substance including:

Alcoholic Beverages

Soft Drinks Packaging

Fruit Juice Packaging

Liquid Form Of Detergent

Beauty Products

Sauces Packaging

Oil and Various Others


We offer up to nine color custom printed liquid packaging pouches and printed rolls, which are manufactured by utilizing the advanced rotogravure technique. They are an effective form of marketing because they are imprinted with the company logo, brand name, and other nutritional information, so they offer effective promotion of the products as well as your company brand.


Our liquid spout pouches are available in glossy, matte and shiny finishing attributes so our unique and innovative liquid packaging products are helpful for seducing and tempting consumers at the point of purchase and increase the sales as well.

So the use of our versatile, cost-effective and innovative liquid packaging solutions does not only provide convenience in storage and transportation but also enhance the product’s overall visibility on the shelves. So choose our liquid spout pouches and protect your liquid product from any type of leakage or breakage.

The latest innovation in the continuing evolution and development of stand-up pouch and packaging technology is the integration of closures into the flexible package. IMPAK can produce low quantity high resolution printed Spout pouches for early-stage product testing and market development as well as high volume (250,000 + per shipment) production ready packages. A number of fitments are available, including 9, 16 and 23mm (approximately 3/8, 5/8 and 1.0 inch I.D. respectively.)

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