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In the development prospect forecast, the stand up pouch will be most the demand growth potential.Although flat bottom pouch will continue to occupy the vast majority of the market share, but people began to tend to this “three-dimensional” packaging, especially in the packaging mentioned above in the mature market.

At the same time, lightweight is also the development trend of plastic packaging bags. The reduction of consumable materials and the light load of transportation reduce the cost and meet the interests of producers.At the same time, for the market, lightweight packaging also brought environmental protection and convenience of the new consumer trend, is gradually to be respected.

The development trend of packaging industry is shifting from simple packaging to innovative packaging. With the improvement of economy and consumption, packaging bag is no longer a simple product.Enterprises and consumers on the quality of packaging bags, materials, quality and style are improving.

The usage of plastic bags in North America and Western Europe has been very high. The change of product structure will continue to support the continuous growth of packaging demand in these areas.

As more expensive packaged products become popular with consumers, such as stand-up bags.The special packing bag also has brought the new marketing superiority to the manufacturer, the new round plastic packing bag market implant is developing.

Lanker Pack offers you a wide range of stand up pouches for food packaging in clear and solid colors, glossy and matte finishes, and choice of materials. Choose from a variety of functional enhancements like reclosable zippers, degassing valves, tear notches and hang holes to suit your style.

Lanker’s factory is accredited to several widely accepted standards including BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP and has also achieved U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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