4 Major Development Trends of Flexible Packaging Market

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4 Major Development Trends of Flexible Packaging Market

Flexible packaging is an economical means of packaging, preserving and distributing food, beverages, other consumables, medicines and other products requiring extended shelf lives.It can be customized according to the packaged product and end use barrier characteristics, while other barrier packaging forms usually provide a general method.Now, flexible packaging can be made into a variety of innovative shapes, sizes and appearance, so what are the four major trends in the development of flexible packaging market?
1, thinning
Flexible packaging USES less resources and energy than other forms of packaging.Compared with hard packaging, it greatly reduces packaging costs, material use and transport costs and some performance advantages.The use of flexible packaging can reduce the cost of packaging and shipping between the converter, the packaging/filling machine, the retailer and the end user.It not only takes up less space in rigid packaging, but also can be constructed from coils in the filling position, thus minimizing the transportation of preformed empty packaging.
2. High-performance film
On the other hand, thinner films are the rise and importance of high-performance films.The trend of food packaging film is towards high performance film structure which is not easy to extend the shelf life and enhance the flavor.The transition from items packed in rigid containers to high-quality flexible packaging is taking place.Non-food packaging applications are industrial and agricultural.
3. Convenience of consumers
As more and more consumers become busier and busier with their lifestyles, they do not have time to cook from scratch, preferring to opt for convenient mealtime solutions.This makes the repast of new flexible packaging form became the main position that takes advantage of current society and economic trend.
4. Bioderivative and biodegradation technologies
In the past few years, a number of new products involving bioplastics have been released.Biological proliferating plastic films continue to show promise with PLA, PHA and PTMT on the real material side of the equation, and thermoplastic starch (TPS) on the petroleum substitution side of the film.
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