Spout Packaging for Some Type of Liquid and Beverage

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Spout Packaging for Some Type of Liquid and Beverage

Spout Packaging is innovative products for liquid or powderred products. The spout design provides more convenience for the use and the flexible material will significantly reduce the logistics cost compared to rigid bottle.

Each kind of liquid and beverage brings unique packaging requirements. In Lanker Pack, we choose every materials strictly, to ensure their qualification in different application.

Beverage Packaging

Here is a list of all the beverages we have experience packing. Many of these work best using a pouch with spout for pouring.

  • Fruit Juice Liquid Packing
  • Vegetable Juice Beverage Packaging
  • Alcohol, Mixes, and Wine Spout Pouch
  • General Beverage Packaging for Mixes

Liquid Packaging

  • Sauces, Syrup, and Honey Liquid Packaging
  • Soap and Detergents Liquid Packaging
  • Lawn and Garden Liquid Packing
  • Oils, Solvents, and Grease Liquid Packaging

These lists are simply examples of the liquids we’ve packaged before. In addition to these categories, we happily fulfill custom orders. No matter what kind of liquid or beverage you need to package, we can help.

You can choose from custom options for spouts, caps, and packaging design. For custom printed spouted pouches, our minimum run starts at 10,000 pieces. Spout packaging can be printed in up to 12 colors, and the spouts and caps can be applied in your choice of location, on the top center, in either corner, or in special positions like the sides. In addition, through Lanker pack, you’re always guaranteed top quality and value, including:

  • FDA-approved, food grade material
  • ISO and QS quality rating
  • Excellent print quality, regardless of order size
  • Excellent moisture-proof and oxygen-proof.
  • Spout colors could be customized.
  • Spout size is available from 8.5mm to 33mm in diameter.

Any interests for our products, please contact with us: sales@lankerpack.com

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