Top 4 Advantages of Spout Pouch in Liquid Packaging

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Top 4 Advantages of Spout Pouch in Liquid Packaging

Liquids and beverages are notoriously tricky to package. These products require packaging that can be successfully filled, stored, transported, displayed, purchased, used, and disposed of, all while retaining the product’s quality.

Spout pouch for liquid meet all of these criteria. Spout pouches’ unique design allows for flexible filling, either directly through the spout or through a void in the film that is later sealed. These flexible pouches contain liquid products safely, and stand up easily on store shelves for more effective, efficient display. Spout pouch is innovative products for liquid and beverages. The spout design provides more convenience for the use and the flexible material will significantly reduce the logistics cost compared to rigid bottle.

Spout pouch offers several advantages over other packaging methods. These advantages are slowly winning over companies, as it clear from the increasing use of these pouches in liquid packaging. Some of these advantages are:

(1) Environment

Environment is a major concern these days. Government and companies are looking for new ways to reduce resource usage to protect themselves from the increasing raw material costs. Spouted stand up pouches are an excellent way to protect the environment and save on raw material cost as it takes lesser plastic to produce spouted pouches than it takes to manufacture bulky jars and bottles of plastic and glass.

(2) More choice in spouts

Stand up bags offer plenty of spout designs to choose from. Businesses can use different spouts to target different customers. They can use kid friendly spouts to package food for children, or they can use sports cap spouts made for the juice pouches targeted at sports people.

(3) Costs

Stand up pouches save money in two ways – (a) They are less resource hungry, therefore you save on raw materials. And (b) you can use the pouches without spouts, thus saving on spout costs. These bags can stand up straight, therefore you are not sacrificing consumer experience to reduce costs.

(4) Custom printing

A wealth of custom printing options is available in stand up pouches. These plastic bags offer more real estate to place ads and product information. This information is more easily readable on stand up pouches than it is on cylindrical bottles and jars. Custom printing is also less labor intensive and less costly than printing on tin cans.

Due to all these advantages, spouted pouches are commonly being used for beverages, oils, and detergents these days.

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