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Custom Printing Is Gradually Becoming Mature

In recent years, digital presses that support custom printing have become more mature, faster, higher quality, and more reliable, and the cost per page has dropped rapidly; new technologies and workflows have improved production processes. And can be automated, the rapid growth of the Internet has made the advantages of personalization stand out, and also provides support for the data processing flow required for custom printing.

At present, with the development of e-commerce, personalized customized websites are everywhere, relying on online design interactive platform to provide custom prints (greeting cards, desk calendars, calendars, postcards, invitations, business cards, etc.), which has made the custom printing customization more and more popular. Due to the increasing popularity of consumers, many graphics and fast printing companies have also been forced to enter the transformation stage, constantly seeking network printing solutions for their own enterprises. So how about the custom printing development market?

Custom prints have become a fashionable choice for people’s lives today. Recently, the custom printing market has become one of the fastest growing markets in digital printing. As consumers pursue a higher quality of life, tourism commemoration, graduation, corporate activities, custom photos, baby shows, desk calendars, etc. The series of requirements has led to the continuous development of custom photo printing (photo book) market. In particular, the “fast food” mode printing service center has arisen. Many chain stores that wash photos on the market can print a small number of fast and beautiful prints. The custom market has gradually opened up, the price is cheap, and the competition is naturally hot.

Custom printing is mainly used in the business field and people’s daily life work. Its market mainly exists in three major fields, namely, the e-commerce market, product custom service, and service for the business community. With the rise of e-commerce, the custom needs of various manuals, commercial advertisements, conference materials, etc. will increase substantially. At the same time, some manufacturers need to create a custom brochure for certain products to provide a one-to-one service for customers, which also provides a broad market prospect for custom printing.

So far, with the high growth of digital printing (18% in digital retail sales in the US, 22% in Europe, and 8% in the rest of the world), the application of custom printing abroad has been extremely extensive. Only a few prints, dozens or hundreds of copies, products have annual reports, product promotion flyers, direct mail advertising orders, CI design manuals, badges, greeting cards, invitations, menus, table cards, transportation cards, There are a wide variety of passes and anti-theft license plates, and even some of the goods are packaged with custom labels. After several years of development, custom printing has already gained a certain market share in China.

With the increasing demand for the quality and style of printed products by the end users of printed products, coupled with the increasing attention and pursuit of individuality in modern people, it promotes the promotion and application of custom printing. This can be said that consumers prefer custom prints. The internal motivation, however, has made custom prints begin to rise globally and gradually become the mainstream of the market, which will also be a huge market for custom printing.


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